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Geschrieben von Tabascofanatikerin am 12.10.2008 um 23:01:


Welcome to our Berndboard, a discussion board about the main star "Bernd the Bread" as well as about his friends, his creators, his shows and the other stuff made by the company Bummfilm.

If you're happened to be a foreign fan who can't talk with us in German then write here in English! And don't worry, we surely can understand you Augenzwinkern

Tell us who you are if you want, ask questions, tell us some stories about Bernd in your home country for example...feel free to join our board Grins

Have fun!

Geschrieben von TERRY am 11.07.2010 um 20:41:

  RE: Greetings!

Hello, I am in England. My partner Don and I love Bernd,Chili and Breigel! We watched him on Ki.Ka on holiday in Ibiza! We first saw him on the Ki.Ka Lounge. Please explain what the lightbulb smashing is all about. We then looked for him on Youtube and found Tolle Sachen and other good stuff! We love Bernd!! Herzlich

Geschrieben von 5_brote_auf_einmal am 03.11.2013 um 01:03:


Here's the video with the bulb-smashing with english subtitles:

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